About Us

With an eye on patients™

we are committed to developing solutions to help people facing serious eye disorders. At EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, you can see our dedication in action.

Our Leadership

Jay S. Duker, MD

President & CEO and Board Director

George O. Elston

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Honig Esq.

Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary

Scott Jones

Chief Commercial Oficer

Isabelle Lefebvre

Chief Regulatory Officer

Jennifer Leonard

Chief People Officer and SVP, IT

Michael J. Maciocio

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations

Dario Paggiarino, M.D.

Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Michael Pine

Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer

Said Saim, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Marcia Sellos-Moura, Ph.D.

Senior VP Program Leadership

Board of Directors

Nancy Lurker

Executive Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Jay S. Duker, MD

President & CEO and Board Director

Göran Ando, MD

Non Executive Chairman

Wendy DiCicco

Board Member

Anthony Adamis

Board Member

David Guyer, MD

Board Member

John Landis

Board Member

Ye (Victor) Liu

Board Member

Karen Zaderej

Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board

Sophie J. Bakri

David S. Boyer

Glenn J. Jaffe

Carl D. Regillo

Rishi P. Singh

Charles Wykoff

Anat Loewenstein