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With an eye on innovation™

we deliver first-in-class solutions and technologies to provide a brighter future for those at risk of losing their sight. EyePoint specializes in the development of sustained-release drug delivery to treat debilitating diseases of the eye and other localized, chronic conditions.


Vorolanib Brings a Potential New MOA to the Treatment of VEGF-Mediated Retinal Diseases by Blocking all Isoforms of VEFG and PDGF

  • Potent and selective pan–VEGF receptor inhibition
  • Composition of matter patent into 2037 (potential patent term extension to 2042)
  • Demonstrated neuroprotection in a validated retinal detachment animal model
  • Blocks PDGF which may lead to antifibrotic benefit
  • Reduced off-target binding – does not inhibit TIE-2 at clinically relevant doses

SoC=standard of care; ANG=angiopoietin; PDGF(R)=platelet-derived growth factor (receptor); PLGF=placental growth factor; TIE-2=tyrosine-protein kinase receptor; VEGF(R)=vascular endothelial growth factor (receptor).


Safe, Sustained IVT Drug Delivery

  • Delivered via a standard in-office IVT injection
  • Continuous, stable release of drug
  • Zero-order kinetics

Durasert E™: bioerodible

  • Insert consists of drug embedded within a bioerodible matrix
  • Designed to deplete drug load before matrix fully erodes

Durasert®: non-erodible

Drug embedded within a bioerodible matrix covered with non-erodible polyimide shell:

  • YUTIQ® (Alimera)
  • ILUVIEN® (Alimera)


Verisome® technology is a novel, sustained-delivery platform


  • Biodegradable liquid in aqueous sphere
  • Customizable duration from one week to several months


DEXYCU is approved for the treatment of inflammation following ocular surgery.

Partnerships and BD Initiatives

EyePoint technologies have broad applicability across many therapeutic areas. Our validated technologies can be utilized to deliver new drugs or to repurpose existing molecules in new applications. EyePoint seeks additional strategic partners to collaborate on the development of new sustained-release drug suspensions and inserts, to access complementary research, and to expand our product portfolio.