With an eye on innovation™

we deliver first-in-class solutions and technologies to provide a brighter future for those at risk of losing their sight. EyePoint specializes in the development of sustained-release drug delivery to treat debilitating diseases of the eye and other localized, chronic conditions.


The Durasert® platform is a miniaturized, injectable, sustained-delivery system


  • Local sustained-delivery of drug product
  • Stable release of therapeutics in the eye over a period of weeks, months, or years

Development Candidates

  • EYP-1901 for Wet AMD
  • Partner programs

Proven sustained-delivery system


Verisome® technology is a novel, sustained-delivery platform


  • Biodegradable liquid in aqueous sphere
  • Customizable duration from one week to several months

Approved Products/Indications

DEXYCU® (dexamethasone intraocular suspension) 9% (2018) – Postoperative Inflammation

Treatment delivered
where and when you need it


EyePoint technologies have broad applicability across many therapeutic areas. Our validated technologies can be utilized to deliver new drugs or to repurpose existing molecules in new applications. EyePoint seeks additional strategic partners to collaborate on the development of new sustained-release drug suspensions and inserts, to access complementary research, and to expand our product portfolio.